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Who's who on the EC crew?

About us

The Show

Extra Credits discusses subjects from video games to world history in a weekly video lesson series with over a million YouTube subscribers. By applying the same research that the entertainment industries have so successfully used to get and keep people’s attention, Extra Credits makes education as engaging as watching a movie or playing a game.

"Over the course of 14 seasons and more than 300 episodes, creators Daniel Floyd and James Portnow explore a dizzying array of topics, unraveling gaming's technical mysteries and exploring cultural flashpoints in a savvy collage of common sense, contrarianism and debunkery." - TIME Magazine, 2017

  • 2008: Daniel Floyd creates the first Extra Credits video, inadvertently, as part of a school assignment while he completes his graduate studies. (This first series of videos was initially known as "Video Games And..." and would receive the Extra Credits title after it became an official show.)

  • 2010: Extra Credits is established on The Escapist's video content programming.

  • 2011: The show moves to Penny Arcade TV.

  • 2013: Extra Credits migrates all of its old and new content to a permanent home on YouTube. Extra History is born, and after seeing popular demand, continues as a permanent series, making it the first non-games-related content on the channel.

  • 2015: The Extra Play channel is created as an experimental playground for the team's urges to do casual, occasionally analytical "let's-plays" of interesting games.

  • 2017: Extra Credits hits the 1 million-subscriber mark! Extra Sci Fi becomes a semi-regular series on the content schedule, strengthening Extra Credits's new branding as an educational channel--no longer "just" a game design show. Finally, we close out 2017 by relaunching our Twitch channel for near-daily gaming livestreams and episode discussions!


Our Current Team

In addition to the fine young faces you see here, we have many "friends of the show" in the Extra Credits universe who you may have seen as special guests and contributors in some episodes. Whether they are game industry buddies or former, alumni teammates, their presence in our lives has made Extra Credits a better show, and there is not enough room on this particular page to thank all of them for their contributions.


James Portnow - Co-Creator, Writer, Game Designer

Different games mean different things to James at different times. He likes strategy and RPGs: games he can think about even when he can't be relaxing with games. Because he spends so much time on the road, he prefers wearing all black for ease of instant color coordination (contrary to his bean appearance, you won't find him in blue often!).


Daniel Floyd ("Dan Prime") - Co-Creator, Voice, Showrunner

One of his personal all-time favorite titles is Psychonauts. He is particularly fond of the rhythm genre.


Scott Dewitt ("Krud") - Artist

His favorite game genre is "just gimme those quirky, colorful, creative fun games, and I'm a happy boy," which explains why he loves Overwatch, Splatoon, and Zelda games! He is always going out of his way to learn new things.

Dan Jones - Artist

This particular Dan loves action and adventure games; his two favorites are Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda.


David "D" Hueso - Artist

David loves Overwatch, Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac, and Zelda games. His favorite genres are action RPGs, survival, explorative, and light competitive. He claims to love penguins more than Belinda does, but...



Lilienne "Lil" Chan - Artist

Lil loves playing Guild Wars 2 and Puzzle Fighter, and her favorite genre of game is "whatever 'Journey' falls under."


Nick DeWitt - Artist

Nick loves games with mechanics that challenge us to be better people in the world, even when it's difficult, like Undertale and Papers Please. He also loves baking, exercise, and the color purple.


Belinda Zoller - Community Manager

Belinda loves L.A. Noire, Fallout: New Vegas, and any story-heavy games in quirky, unconventional mediums. They also love penguins WAY MORE than David does.


Carrie Floyd - Editor

Carrie plays narrative-heavy, combat reaction-light games like Undertale, Minecraft, and The Sims.


Rob Rath - Staff Writer (Extra History)

Rob enjoys games that take him to another time or place, whether that's Renaissance Italy in Assassin's Creed, or the Himalayas in Uncharted 2. He especially geeks out about any game that lets him talk about the real stories behind the pixels.


Dean Kiner - Composer

Dean likes Undertale. And why shouldn't he?

sean Kiner - Composer

Sean loves high fantasy and sci-fi games, and one of his favorite games is The Secret World. He also claims to be "an unapologetic Altoholic" and purports to regularly "sacrifice cellos at my shrine to John Williams."