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Information about upcoming and past Extra Credits game jams.


Extra Credits Game Jams

We constantly get emails from our viewers about how they’re engaging with the ideas presented in Extra Credits videos as inspiration for their own amazing creative projects—particularly in game development! To encourage these sparks of creativity, we decided to start hosting semi-regular virtual game jams—an activity to create a complete game from start to finish within a pre-determined, limited time period.

Our game jams are typically 3-5 days long. Our philosophical emphasis is on enjoying the act of creation and learning new skills, so there is no formal ranking or judging system by which to objectively compare game entries, and we encourage jammers to avoid “crunching” or working nonstop for long periods of time so that it is a more relaxed experience. That said, we have started running Twitch streams and “Games You Might Not Have Tried” YouTube episodes that show off some of our favorite and most unique games created from each jam.

Jammers participate in a combination of local teams and distributed online teams (as well as working solo), mingling in a game jam community Discord. There are no age restrictions to participate, other than the legal age restrictions imposed by itch.io and Discord for creating a free user account. Because they are hosted entirely online, participants can join from anywhere around the world according to their own time zone.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of a future Extra Credits game jam, please send us an email.

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previous game jams:

August 2019 - Extra Credits Game Jam #5 (Passage)

May 2019 - Extra Credits Game Jam #4 (Connect)

  • 306 entries, 1210 registered jammers

March 2019 - Extra Credits Game Jam #3 (Cycles)

  • 274 entries, 1250 registered jammers

December 2018 - Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam (Present)

  • 215 entries, 820 registered jammers

August 2018 - The Very First Extra Credits Game Design Jam (Awesome Per Second)