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Whether you’re a dabbler in Extra Sci Fi, a student obsessed with Extra History, or just someone who watches a video every now and then as you peruse your massive list of subscribed channels, we want to know more about you, viewer in our audience! What kind of episode topics do you want to see more of? What’s your favorite podcast? What other YouTube channels do you watch? Is Zoey the best cat? (Okay, that’s not actually a real question… )

This survey only takes a few minutes to complete! We appreciate your feedback! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ExtraCommunity

Extra Credits
Extra Credits Game Jam #5: "Extra Credit Challenge" award recipients!

While we’ve designed and provided “Extra Credit Challenges” for several game jams now, for this most recent event we experimented with creating digital awards recognizing games that complete any of these challenges in a unique, creative, thoughtful, high-quality, or overall well-executed manner.

These challenges exist alongside the jam theme as optional creative constraints and ideas that participants can incorporate into their games.

Of the 189 submissions recorded at jam end time, 105 entries (55%) participated in at least one of the Extra Credit Challenges. Of that number, here are the 27 unique games that we feel represent the overall best and most entertaining applications of their challenge categories. (8 of these games received more than one award.)

Many thanks again to our sponsor, SideFX, for providing free 2-month licenses of Houdini Indie to our jammers, so that they could take advantage of its procedural, node-based workflow to create high-quality game art.

Extra Houdini Indie - Best “Made with Houdini” Game

Extra Media - Have at least 1 part of your game exist outside of the playable build

Extra Delicious - Someone or something needs to eat jam in your game

Extra CGA - Game art is a 4-color palette used by the Color Graphics Adapter

Extra Hand - You need 3 hands to be able to properly play the game

Extra Voice - All audio, music, and sound effects alike, must be verbally spoken by humans or animals

Extra Diegetic UI - User interface is designed as though it naturally occurs within the game's world

Extra CC0 and CC-BY - All art and music assets come from public domain or Creative Commons sources (CC0 or CC-BY). Attribute them.

Extra Zoey - Include Zoey somewhere in your game. (A black cat with green eyes and a purple collar, Zoey is the real-life pet of our showrunner, Matt Krol)

Extra Credits