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ANNOUNCEMENT: Extra Sci Fi Launches on October 31

We're launching a new series about science fiction on October 31! We'll dive into the history of these works, the narrative devices they use, and the ideas they introduce by looking at sci fi in all media: books, television, films, and more! 

Q: Will you guys talk about sci fi movies? Games? Both? 
A: Science fiction across all media! This even includes books and radio broadcasts... 

Q: How often will the show air? 
A: New episodes will come out every Tuesday. We will take a short break every couple of months to let ourselves breathe and catch up on writing and art.

Q: What kind of Extra Sci Fi merch can I buy, and when will it be available? 
A: David Hueso's poster, available October 31. You can see a preview of it at 0:10 in the video. 

Q: How else can I support the show? 
A: Watch without ad blocker, get a YouTube Red subscription, or donate to us on Patreon ( http://www.patreon.com/extracredits ) - all of these help more than you might think! 

Q: I have an idea for an episode! Is this gonna be like Extra History where I can submit an idea through a formal system (like Patreon) for serious staff consideration? 
A: Nope, we have our topics picked out. That said, we encourage you to draw analogies, where relevant, to other works of sci fi as you discuss each episode in the comments!