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Extra Mythology is relaunched as a recurring series!

Mythology is the foundation of the world. Every civilization and culture has its own myths--legends of celebrities and heroic acts--that define them. Mythology is a fundamental ingredient to understanding world history and it subsequent influence on art, religion, literature, economies, and more. Mythology is the lore of the human experience--we use these stories to define our moral values and our place in the universe.

To that end and purpose, Extra Mythology will now be a recurring show on the Extra Credits YouTube channel, airing on biweekly Mondays starting October 8, 2018. Eventually we would love to have this be a weekly show just like our other “extra” shows, but to do that we need to be able to hire a second artist and dedicated writer. We plan to accomplish this through the Extra Mythology Patreon community, where members can also get early access to episodes before they air, and help us decide what myths we should cover in future episodes!