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Extra Credits and Fun to 11 join forces to create The Partisans: An Extra Politics Tabletop Game


Extra Credits, the creators of the Extra Politics web-series, and Fun to 11, a boutique tabletop game company, have entered a licensing agreement to create The Partisans: An Extra Politics Tabletop Game. Let’s make politics fun again.

In The Partisans, players don’t take the roll of a candidate or a political party. Instead, players represent political ideologies trying to move the nation towards their stated goals. This unique twist on the genre showcases the various agendas at work in a political system, bringing the focus squarely on what politics is supposed to be – a battle of ideas.


James Portnow of Extra Credits said, “Working with Fun to 11 is a way better proposition than loot boxes.”

Luke Peterschmidt of Fun to 11 said, “Extra Politics and tabletop games go together like teapots and domes.”

The Partisans was designed by Andrew Park and Nick Reddick – politically active gamers with a passion for mixing the two - and Luke Peterschmidt, the writer of the Extra Politics web-series. The game will be coming to Kickstarter in the near future. Press is encouraged to contact info@funto11.com with questions or to request interviews, images, and additional information.


Extra Credits LLC is a Seattle-based media company that publishes high quality on-line videos with a focus on Game Design (Extra Credits), History (Extra History), Political Analysis (Extra Politics), and more. Their YouTube channel has more than 1.4M subscribers. The Partisans marks their first foray into licensing their content for tabletop games. Extra Credits approves this message.


Fun to 11 LLC is a Pennsylvania-based boutique tabletop game company that believes sharing experiences with people face-to-face makes the world a better place. They spend their time making games to stimulate the mind, challenge themselves and create joy. They only work with people they like and never anyone named Chad Miller. They are huge fans of both Extra Credits and combat juggling.