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New Extra Politics Shirt: Because Voting Matters!

Check out the shirt here! To this day, voting in elections--local, state, and national--is still one of the most powerful, effective ways YOU can make change happen. This shirt can be your year-round badge of honor for participating in our political system even after your "I Voted" sticker from the polls disappears in the wash. Design by artist Joe Maslov

The first pre-order period starts now, and the initial batch will be ordered on 10/23. The shirt will still be available to purchase after this period, but any orders made during the shirt’s first week on the store will be shipped out soonest.

We are also giving away 6 shirts to folks on Twitter who cast their ballot in the upcoming November 6 U.S. midterms! If you take a photo of your ‘I voted’ sticker from the polls, or with the envelope of your mail-in ballot, mention us @ExtraCreditz and include the hashtag #BecauseVotingMatters. Winners will be randomly selected on November 8 and contacted on Twitter to confirm shirt size and shipping address (please visit DFTBA’s site if you have questions about shipping addresses).

If you’re curious about whether or not it’s OK to take and share a picture of your actual ballot, that varies a lot from state to state. We don’t need to see a picture of your ballot though!

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October Update (Happy Halloween!)

In this video we do a quick recap of our recent episodes and news since PAX, and we also talk about upcoming news for the rest of the year. Notably, Extra Sci Fi is on break now and will be back end of December/beginning of January, and our next Extra History series will be on the Viking Expansion thanks to the patrons who selected that topic.

Also, Matt is Spider-Man.

Extra History: https://www.patreon.com/ExtraCredits

Extra Mythology: https://www.patreon.com/extramythology

New Artist Ali R. Thome site: https://www.alirthome.com/

Guest Artist Alisa Bishop Site: http://alisabishop.com/

Guest Artist Jack McGee: https://jackkaisermcgeeportfolio.tumblr.com/

Guest Artist Kelsey Morrison: https://www.kelseymorrisonart.com/

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